Linking the Knowledge Base to External Content

The Visualising China demo now links to all the images, plus some metadata, in the Historical Photographs of China collection (which was first put online at

One of the goals in this project is to allow end-users (researchers and so on) to be able to effectively add new, online images into the system’s “knowledge base” simply by entering their URL. We have implemented a version of this.

Example: Suppose I am researching the Boxer uprising in China 1900-1 and have found an image on Flickr of particular interest due to its depiction of some Australian contingents sent at that time to China. I want to be able to annotate and link this picture into other resources I have already linked via the Visualising China (these would perhaps be photographs already in the Historical Photographs of China, a YouTube video, and a newspaper article elsewhere online). How do I do this? – using “Add New Resource” (I must be logged in to do this – currently supported by OpenId login):

Clicking to Add New Resource

I paste the URL of the flickr image (in this case “”) into the form and add any other details into the text boxes provided. If I save this newly added resource it will now appear as part of the knowledge base in Visualising China. If I now search on “NSW” (part of the title I gave the new resource) it will appear as a result hit:

Viewing the newly added resource in Visualising China


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