Important new content and a pre-release peek at the website

Lots of news to report and lots of work still going on as we near the end of the project (end of March) and look forward to user interaction with the Visualising China website … We’re delighted that over 1700 new images have recently been added and are now searchable via Visualising China. These include the Sir Robert Hart collection of photographs and slides from Queen’s University Belfast and the Joseph Needham Photographs of Wartime China, 1942-1946 from the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge. These very important collections have both broadened and deepened the content reachable through Visualising China and we look forward to announcing more such collaborations in the near future. Alongside these structured and scholarly resources, we continue to add individual albums and photos, from trunks and attics as well as from the Internet.

We have also made a pre-release alpha version of Visualising China available for all friends of the project to look at – to see what we have working on for the last few months. The release version of the website is planned for the end of March, so there are still a lot of things to bring in to it and several major issues and bugs that we know about, but do have a look at it and see how things have progressed since the early prototypes.

Background on the Hart collection:
Background on the Needham collection:

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