Listen again

‘Old Photographs Fever: The search for China’s pictured past’, which explores our project through interviews with the team, with some of our contributors, and with some of those who make use of the project, was broadcast earlier today on BBC Radio 4. If you’re able to use the BBC iPlayer site, you can listen to the programme by following this link.

There’s also a wonderful slide show packaged around some of the contributions to the programme up on the BBC News Magazine section of the BBC web site.

Furthermore, BBC History Magazine online is currently showing a slide show of some great representative images from the collections:

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2 Responses to Listen again

  1. Jill Hart says:

    My father was stationed in China in the 1930’s and I have quite a few old photos along with my mothers record of life in China. I would love to let you have copies if you are interest please let me know how to send them to you.
    Regards Jill

  2. Jill, Please contact us via, Regards, HPC team

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