Chinese bells for the Olympics

Idols and bell

A Chinese bell for the Olympics, Ruxton collection, Ru01-070

This photograph, with its somewhat clumsy composition, was snapped inside an unidentified temple.  It is really more about the two splendid, wooden idols of unidentified gods, than about the bell.  These impressive and expressive statues were very colourfully painted, something not readily discernible in a black and white photograph.  However, once an actual idol was seen, the brilliant colours could be easily read into a monochrome photographic image.

The idols in Ru01-070 bring to mind Wenlock™ and Mandeville™, the Olympic mascots, now all over London, including one standing outside St Paul’s Cathedral (a temple now so enthralled by Mammon that only visitors blessed with deep pockets may enter).  Idols aside, let the bells ring out, and bring on the Games, ding, dong!

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