Patience and trust

Dog lying in the shade of a parked carriage

Dog lying in the shade of a parked carriage, Ruxton collection, Ru02-20.

Sometimes a genre photograph holds a surprise, or a redeeming punctum, as elucidated by Roland Barthes.  In this photograph (Ru02-20), taken on a hot dusty street, probably in Peking (Beijing), c.1905, a dog takes advantage of the shade of the horse and cart.  It may even be the photographer’s ever-patient (and trusting) dog?

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3 Responses to Patience and trust

  1. Hartung’s Photo Shop. Peking Legation Street.

  2. Jamie Carstairs says:

    Our research indicates that this is not a photograph of Hartung’s photo shop. However, it does seem very likely that the photograph was either taken by a Hartung photographer, and/or sold at Hartung’s photo shop, Legation Street, Peking (See ).

  3. Yes, I saw the photo on Flickr and cited what was stamped on the back of the picture.

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