The University of Bristol this week held its first graduation cemeremony in China. Two hundred students attended the ceremony in Beijing, and it is planned that this event will be held every two years. To mark the occasion here is one from the archive, captioned as ‘The Faculty and first graduating class of the ‘Tienstin University of New Learning’, the 天津新学大书院, on 7 June 1918.

Faculty and first graduating class of Tienstin University of New Learning, 1918

Faculty and first graduating class, Tientsin University of New Learning, 7 June 1918. Copyright Bovell collection, sb-s01.

It was not a university, and is better and properly known in English as the Tientsin Anglo-Chinese College, but its buildings were certainly inspired by the Cambridge University background of its principal and founder, seated here centre, Dr Samuel Lavington Hart (赫立德).

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