Year of the Horse at BMAG


The Chinese new year galloped in at the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery over the weekend.  Canton Camera was exhibited, among many other celebrations.  The atmosphere was great (there were over 9,000 visitors) and the Mayor announced his intention to hold the event in the streets of Bristol next year.

01.IMG_0171 02.IMG_0102 03.IMG_0095 04.IMG_0105 05.IMG_0078 06.IMG_0139 07.IMG_0132 08.IMG_0130 09.IMG_0120 10.IMG_0107 11.IMG_0109 12.IMG_0112 13.IMG_0119 14.IMG_0113 15.IMG_0115 16.IMG_0118 17.IMG_0161 18.IMG_0162 19.IMG_0126

Snaps by Jamie Carstairs

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