A City Gate

People around a city gate, with soldiers, Peck collection, Pe01-013

The location of the above gateway to a city remains unconfirmed.  The photograph (Pe01-013) is a puzzle: it shows what looks like a body of men, some with queues, in uniform, but without weapons, going towards and through the gate.  Also an official on the right, in a darker uniform, is perhaps inspecting someone’s goods?  Any suggestions would be appreciated!

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One Response to A City Gate

  1. 温太尉 says:

    Probably minutes after the capital execution for boxers (boxer rebellion during 1900).
    Soldiers made the parade and finished their jobs and on the way back to their barracks.
    The officer and executors were checking the body (the head should be moved for display on the pole or wall somewhere else).
    Foreigners could be on site to witness (photo recording) the execution.
    Just a guess.

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