Sailing on

We have been on our holidays, but were also overwhelmed by correspondence resulting from July’s BBC Radio 4 documentary about the project, ‘Old Photographs Fever‘, and the accompanying BBC News slideshow. Many wonderful new collections were offered to us, and some of these will be heading on to the website soon. There were some nice blogs about the project as a result on other sites, including this on the National Trust’s Treasure Hunt.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on the web, we are happy to see that the UK National Archives has placed on its Flickr stream a large number of its photograph holdings relating to China, where they can be viewed in the wider context of British colonial and foreign office activity. We are already placing many of these online here, as photographs, rather than as pages of albums, as on the National Archives stream. You can search for them using ‘National Archives‘ as a search term.

In the meantime, here is one of my favourites among our recent acquisitions.

Studio portrait of four boys in a ‘boat’, Shanghai, Carstairs collection, jc-s032. The photography studio’s name and address is printed on the mount: Wu Guang Photography, Zhonghua Road, Xiaonan Gate, No.562.” So the studio was in the south east part of the old city, Shanghai.

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